Thank You From The Farm

Each and every one of us has different lives, backgrounds and futures ahead of us, yet, we all wake up in the morning, get dressed and carry out our day.  We all have needs, wants, preferences, etc etc…yet they are different for each individual person.  One person may prefer to eat a Steak or a Pork Chop, while another is a Vegan.  One may prefer the meat products they consume to be raised outdoors, while another sees a benefit from CAFO’s.  One sees the benefits of Organically raised foods while another sees the benefit of GMO’s.  No matter what your food preferences are, or your preferences on how they are produced, the one thing we all need is someone who has the knowledge to grow or raise our food supply needs for the rest of us.  For example, a Farmer or Gardener of some type, shape or size.

On the other hand, where would the Farmer (like me) or Gardener be without the consumer/customer?  Where would they be without customers choosing to spend their hard earned dollars on products from various Markets, Stores, Groceries, and Convenience Stores,  just to name a few?

The answer is simple…


Those who produce our food products would be basically out of business and would be producing only enough to feed their own families, preventing them from making a living doing what they do best.

While scrolling through Facebook the other night, I found this picture of this sign…

No Customers, No Money, No Future

No Customers, No Money, No Future

The sign is very true.  If there aren’t any farmers, there will be little to no food to eat, clothing to wear, juices and milks to drink, etc. etc.  On the flip side, if there weren’t any consumers who choose to purchase the farmers products, there would be no farmers.

The person who posted this picture also commented:

No Customers

No Money

No Future.

No truer statement could have been made.  Without farmers, there would be no food and no long term future for any of us, but without the Customer choosing to spend their hard earned dollars on their food of choice there would be no farmers.  Yes, the mutual dependence of it all goes round and round.

The more I thought about this sign, I realized that while there have been a few social media campaigns designed to encourage the Consumer to get to know about and Thank a Farmer for what they do (#thankafarmer  for example), I have yet to see a campaign in which the farmers thank consumers for their continued support.

So starting today, I encourage a new way to Give Thanks called:

“Thank You, From the Farm” or #farmthx

In closing I would like to take this time and say:

This #farmthx goes out to all of the consumers/customers who have spent their hard earned dollars purchasing the products I produce.  By doing so, you have allowed me to continue doing what I love, producing quality food and various other products for you.  Regardless of your preference of GMO, Organic, CAFO, Free Range, Conventional, Vegan or otherwise, I and other Farmers around the world Thank You for your continued support.

While it’s true, that without farmers, there would be no customers, without customers, there would be no farmers.


Meet The Author:


Matt Boucher Matt Boucher is a 4th Generation Family Grain farmer in North Central IL.  Over the years the Boucher Family Farm has raised Cows, Pigs, Chickens, Ducks and other animals as well as Corn and Soybeans.  Today, Boucher Farms is owned and operated by Matt and his wife Heather, and produces both Corn and Soybeans for various markets in the Midwest and beyond.    Boucher Farms can be found on Facebook by searching for the page “Boucher Farms” on Twitter at @boucherfarms, or at Matt’s Blog “Off The Cobb



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