Food For Thought: Should we run away from Labels?


There are lots of negative terms that those outside of agriculture use to label farmers when they want to depict us in a negative light.  Factory farms, industrial farms, pink slime and big ag are a few of the negative terms I often hear anti modern agriculture groups use to slander today’s farmers.

Today Feedstuffs Foodlink posed a question I have asked several others over the past year:

is it possible to recapture the term “factory farm” and refocus it to be a positive rather than negative term?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of trying to re-own this term?

I definitely have a few thoughts on this subject but am interested in hearing

others thoughts below in the comments.Should we continue to run away from the negative terms and allow others to define them and continue to capture the search engine optimization (SEO) as they become accepted in popular culture?


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